Lankaran State University is a centre of education and science and a great cultural centre of region the same time.

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Lenkaran State University (LSU)

has been founded since 1991. 


Now in the University have the faculties

 1.   Naturel Sciences;

  1. Humanities and Pedagogical Sciences;

  2. Economics and Management;

  3. Additional  and Distant education

11departments, problem scientific research laboratory, more educations laboratories and centers function at the University.


At the faculty of Naturel Sciences are the departments:

- Physics-mathematics and informatics

- Geography and Ecology

- Chemistry and Biology

- Sport and civil defense.

At faculty trained the specialists.

-Mathematics and informatics teacher;

-Geography teacher;

-Ecology Engineer;

-Chemistry and Biology teacher;

-Sport teacher.


At the faculty of Humanities and Pedagogical Sciences are the departments

- Language and literature,

-Foreign languages,

-History and Philosophy,

-Pedagogies and psychology.

Specialists are trained

- Azerbaijan language and literature teacher

- History teacher

- English language and literature teacher

- German language and literature teacher

- French language and literature teacher



At the faculty of Economics and Management are the departments

- Economy and aqrotechnology

- Economical analysis and management

- Economical informatics and ecology.

Specialists are trained following

-the organization of Customs

-the organization and management of Business


-legal regulation of Economy


-Economics and management of producing and service area


At the faculty of Additional and Distant Education are trained

-improvement of professional skills


-Different teaching courses

-Distant Education


Approximately 1500 bachelors, 100 masters study at the university. Doctoral Studies function according to the main fields of science at the university. There are held regularly International and Republic scientific-praktikal conferences at the University. Young people of all the regions of Azerbaijan and from foreign countries study here. Scientific seminars, discussions, debates, meetings with famous people and sport competitions regular are organized. The University is the active orqanizator of  important social and cultural events. The University being the member of the

Association of the University of Eurasia, Association of the countries of Caspian region and Association of Turkish language Countries, cooperates with more than 100 most advanced Universities of Europe and Asia. According to the actual scientific problems about 200 research works are conducted at the University. İn three series is published ”The Proceedings of Lenkaran  State University”. There is a serious attention to the application of modern teaching and information technologies, Electron University educational net work, which’s equipped with modern technology functions at the University.

“Heydar Aliyev museum and school”, Scientific-research liberary Information Technologies Centre, “Archeology and Ethnography” museum, scientfic library, large meeting halls, guest house, sport playground, student canpuses.




  The address: the Azerbaijan Republic, Az4200, the city of Lenkaran, the prospectus of Azi Aslanova - 50.

  E-mail:;       Phones: (+994 0171 255 25 88, 0171 255 17 97;        the Fax: (+994 0171 255 27 86


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