Lankaran State University

Lankaran State University has been functioning since 1992. During these past 25 yearsLankaran State University has developed greatly and has prepared more than 5000 specialists. At present more than 3000 undergraduate, more than 100 graduate and 30 post graduate students are being trained at Lankaran State University. 126 professor-teaching staff work at this university. One of them is an academician, 8 are Doctors of Sciences-Professors, 42 Ph.D- Assistant professors, 17 Ph.D-Senior Teachers, 4 Ph.D-Teachers, 25 Senior Teachers and 30 are teachers. The following structural sections, schools and departments are functioning at Lankaran State University:

Structural Sections

-Organizing Education and Teaching Technologies Center

- Information Communication and Library Center

- International Relations Department

- Science Department

- Human Resources and Clerical Work

- Finance and Accounting

- Technical and Economic issues

- The laboratory of Scientific Researches


- School of Natural Sciences

- School of Humanitarian Sciences

- School of Economics and Management

- School of Agrarian and Engineering


- The methods of Azerbaijan language and Literature

- Foreign languages

- Primary Education and Pre-School Teaching

- Humanitarian Sciences

- Mathematics and Informatics

- Chemistry and Biology

- Geagraphy and Ecology

- History and its methods

- Finance, Accounting and Audit

- Economics and Markering

- Bussiness and Management

- Veterinary and Aqraring Sciences

- Technology and Technical Sciences Lankaran State University offers 15 graduate degree programs, and 5 postgraduate programs. The journal “Scientific News” is published at Lankaran State University that is in the list of scientific journals of EAC of Azerbaijan. Annual International and Republican Scientific Conferences are held in the University. Students and teachers take an active part in Republican and International knowledge competitions and sports events. Student Youth Organisation and Student Trade Union are doing great jobs at the university. The university has a foundation containing text books, manuals, a large library rich in literal-publicity works. There is a publishing house responding to modern requirements. The university is the initiator fnd active participant of a lot of socio-political and cultural events Being a member of Eurasia universities, the Associations of the universities of the Caspian countries, Turkic-speaking countries and countries of the Caucasus, Lankaran State University works in constant contact with more than 100 leading universities and scientific institutions of Europe and Asia. The university is the active participant and prize-winner of grant competitions organized by some authoritative organizations as ERASMUS, Horizon 2020, NATO and many others. The university signet Understanding Memorandum with the University of Kaposvar, Hungary and University of Economy in Bydgosh, Poland. According to this students of both universities will get joint degree and dual diplomas. LSU takes an active part in different grant projects like INTAS, Open Society Institute of USA, IREX, Eurasian Foundation, DAAD (Germany), TEMPUS, Erasmus+.